More than 40 years supporting
women of African Caribbean
heritage and their families

Claudia Jones Organisation was founded in 1982 to support African Caribbean women and their families in Hackney and surrounding boroughs.

We provide a range of services to tackle poverty, improve mental health and wellbeing and to support victims of domestic abuse.

How can we help?

Family services

Claudia Jones Organisation has been supporting women and families for over 40 years.

VAWG and counselling

Empowering women and girls who have suffered any form of abuse and providing culturally sensitive therapeutic support.

Community services

Our services support people to say what they want, gain access to the services they need.

What’s On

Make a donation

Claudia Jones Organisation relies on the support our community and other donors to continue their contribution to the work we do to make a real difference to people’s lives.

We are trying to increase the amount of money we make for ourselves to ensure our financial sustainability. However, we still rely on kind donors and funder for money.