Our story began in 1980 when a group of pioneering black women came together to establish the Hackney Black Women’s Group (HBWG).

In 1982 HBWG disbanded. The remaining women and other community members established a new organisation to continue the work which led to the birth of the Claudia Jones Organisation (CJO) and the Ackee Housing Project (AHP), both formally established in 1982.

Our name was chosen to honour pioneering Trinidad born activist and journalist Claudia Jones, who was one of the founding members of the Notting Hill Carnival and the West Indian Gazette the UK’s first black owned newspaper. The two organisations were housed in our historic building in Stoke Newington.

This building has become a sanctuary and refuge for our community to come together and to take pride in our culture and heritage.

AHP now operates from its own building continuing to provide housing support to black women.

For more than 40 years we have worked to champion and empower the lives of African Caribbean women and their families and to provide them with the support they need to reach their full potential.

We have worked in partnership with Hackney Council, charities and the NHS to deliver services for the oldest and youngest members of our community.

With the current climate (after-effects of Covid-19 Pandemic and cost of living crisis) there is a huge demand for our services, and they have become more vital than ever before.

Please donate what you can and make a difference now.

Important dates


1980 Launch of the Hackney Black Women’s Group
1982 The closure of the Hackney Black Women’s Group leads to the launch of the CJO and the Ackee Housing Project
1986 The CJO Saturday school is established to provide the educational project to children of African Caribbean heritage due to discrimination in the education system. The school closed in 2010
Hosted fundraising activities to support the Jamaican Youth Exchange visit to London
1987 Classes on African & Caribbean Creole language
Health Education Conference – sickle cell, psychology, heart/stroke prevention, dyslexia
1988 Launched a project to provide training and encouragement for members of the African Caribbean community to become school governors
Alternative Medicine Seminar
Held a careers information conference for parents and children
1989 Hosted a conference for black women and children with disabilities
Hosted a conference on black women and mental health


1991 Hosted events and workshops on racism and Aids
1992 Lupus Support Group
1994 Worked in partnership with the University of London to provide courses for the local community
Health Day – massage, oral hygiene, chiropody, exercise
Summer School
1996 Recognised by the Trinidad and Tobago Nationals Foundation ‘as one which preserved and excelled in the areas of Caribbean community education”
1997 Health Conference for men
Conference on living with Lupus
Held a meeting on guidance for parenting advice
1998 Hosted Health Promotion conferences


2000 Held cultural events days including
2000s Held a joint event with Dianne Abbott MP around education within the community
2002 CJO Children’s Harp Music group attended the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in the garden of St James Palace
2003 Received an achievement award from the British Black Music History Day
Held a youth drug awareness day
2005 Held groups for ‘teenage before and beyond pregnancy’ parents
2006 Released research examining the low numbers of black families receiving Family Group Conferences.
Held dyslexia awareness workshops


2011 Caribbean folk dance, storytelling and music workshop
2012 Launch the Big Lottery funded ‘Repairing Relationship Project’ to help families access counselling
2015 Launch of Bonding with Baby programme


2020 The Covid-19 Pandemic leads to a huge increase in demand for our services
Launch of Food Hub for families in need of food and supplies
Launch of Warm Spaces for the elderly due to isolation and increased heating costs
2021 Joined the Windrush Justice Clinic to help people affected by the Windrush scandal receive compensation
2022 Launch of our Parent Champion programme