The organisation takes its name from that of well-known journalist, editor and political activist who made important contributions to the movement for justice and equality in Britain and the USA.

“Her contributions, her involvement in the liberation struggles made her name widely known in the Caribbean and with organisations working directly for the liberation of peoples in Africa, Asia and Latin America. She understood the double oppression of women and the triple oppression of black women and struggled for the rights and liberation of all women”.

From ‘I Think of My Mother: Notes on the Life and Times of Claudia Jones’, B. Johnson of Karia Press (1985).

Vision and values

Claudia Jones Organisation was established in 1982. Primarily the organisation supports and empowers women and families of African Caribbean heritage. We aim to provide culturally sensitive services that meet the needs of women and families of African Caribbean heritage.


  • To encourage families to learn and grow together so as to ensure that their educational, health & wellbeing, social and cultural needs are catered for in a positive environment.
  • To improve education amongst African Caribbean individuals and families.
  • To develop effective collaboration and partnerships which aim to raise awareness about the challenges facing Caribbean women and families and to provide good practice solutions to improve family wellbeing.

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